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How emotional intelligence can make you healthier

Being able to identify, understand, express, manage and use our emotions helps us in so many facets of our lives. According to a recent UCL study, emotional intelligence (EI) can even improve your health. Joy, enthusiasm, pride, shame, jealousy, stress, irritation, anger, fear,...
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Adolescent depression: Can mindfulness prevent it?

Adolescents are of course not immune to feeling blue or even depressed. Researchers are betting on mindfulness as a means of prevention, especially at UCL, a pioneer of child mindfulness. Prof. Pierre Philippot, a researcher at the Psychological Sciences Research Institute, is one of them....
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Flanders-Wallonia: Is youth the answer?

The sometimes tense relations between the two main communities of Belgium is a subject of great interest to Bernard Rimé, a professor emeritus, a researcher at the UCL Psychological Sciences Research Institute and a specialist in the study of emotions. Viewing the situation through a prism of...
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Better big data analysis for better epidemic management

Using big data to precisely and easily predict an epidemic’s course or a virus’s spread—that’s the seemingly incredible goal of Jean-Charles Delvenne, a researcher at the Mathematical Engineering Centre of UCL’s Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Electronics and Applied...
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Are our teens heroes?

The ‘Avoir 20 ans en 2015’ (‘20 years old in 2015’) project followed 50 teenagers in Belgium, France, Reunion and Canada on their journey toward adulthood. Chloé Colpé, a UCL doctoral student active in the entertainment world, jumped on the chance to follow the paths and progress of 20 Belgians...
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