Open journals at UClouvain

In order to encourage the creation, the evaluation, the dissemination and the acquisition of knowledge, UCLouvain actively encourages the free access to scientific knowledge and to research outputs by supporting the publication of academic Open Access Journals using Open Journal Systems (OJS).

We help our researchers to publish and manage journals free from the constraints of commercial publishers by providing access to our OJS plateform free of charge and by dispensing help with the initial set up of a journal, as well as supplying ongoing support.

UCLouvain's definition of openness is aligned with the definition provided by the Open Knowledge Foundation : "Open means anyone can freely access, use, modify, and share for any purpose (subject, at most, to requirements that preserve provenance and openness)." (OpenDefinition, 2017).

Therefore, all journals hosted on are fully Open Access and use a Creative Commons licence.

More information : You are a member of UCLouvain and you want to create an open journal on or to get more information about OJS ? Don't hesitate to contact us at the email addresse


Open Access Journals on OJS-UCLouvain

Revue Quetelet - ISSN : 20349378 - About

Revue  Exercise Biochemistry Review  -  About

Revue Lato Sensu - ISSN : 2295-8029


Revue NEMESIS (Negative Effects in Medical Sciences, Oral and Maxillofacial surgery) - ISSN : 2593-3612 - About; read it on OJS-UCLouvain

Revue Communication et Professionnalisation, ISSN : 2294-9844 - About;  Read it on OJS-UCLouvain

Revue TheoLogica, ISSN : 2593-0265 - About et Read it on OJS-UCLouvain


Revue internationale Michel Henry - ISNN  2032-977X

Revue Emulation - ISSN : 2593-3612

Revue Mnemosyne - ISSN : 203-18502

Soon on

Revue Recherche en communication - ISSN : ISSN: 2033-3331 - About; For the moment :  OJS2.0 ; Soon on OJS-UCLouvain

Revue Regards économiques - ISSN : 2033-3013- Présentation et hébergement actuel; Prochainement sous OJS-UCLouvain


Revue internationale Henry Bauchau - ISNN  2033-477X - Présentation et hébergement actuel; Prochainement sous OJS-UCLouvain en open access


Under creation :


  • Journal of Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience