Learning Labs & Learning Centers

Learning Labs

To encourage pedagogical innovation towards more active and interactive practices, UCL Mons transformed the rooms 15 - 17 and 18 into learning labs. The development of these new labs allows interactivity in all its forms, thanks to High tech equipment and a modular configuration. Other rooms are being developed at other sites.

Learning Centers

Digital evolution invites to think differently how knowledge can be built. The Louvain Learning Centers respond to this perspective.

They offer a mix of resources, services and expertise that provide students with a different learning experience: library and information services, small group workrooms and workspaces for larger groups, silent spaces, computer workstations, projection and computer screen sharing equipment, multimedia rooms, on-line search spaces, consultation of printed or digital documents, experimental learning labs, etc. Friendly behaviors are welcome: food and drink allowed in cafeteria, mobiles accepted, extended time slots....

Faithful to the concept developed in Great Britain and in the United States since the 1990s, the Louvain Learning Centers aim to renew the ways of learning and offer concrete support for student success.