Online courses and education

Open online courses - MOOCs

Since February 2014, University of Louvain offers Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) with international partners network

MOOCs are online courses accessible to anyone for free (except for optional certificate), without administrative registration at university. A great opportunity to discover new topics, to update ones knowledge and skills or to try Higher Education before enrolling. Since January 2017, small programs based on a set of coordinated MOOCs are offered: edX MicroMasters. They allow deep learning in a particular field as well as an accelerated path to on-campus master's degree.

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Online lifelong learning

Some continuing education programs are offered partly or totally online. See the list of continuing education programs.

Online degrees

Since September 2014, University of Louvain offers a hybrid master's degree (mosty online): Master [60] en sciences politiques, orientation générale