Open Publication


There is now a strong tendency for free access to the various scientific publications. The Open publication, sometimes also called Open Access or Open Access Publication, aims to provide free online access to scientific articles - and sometimes books as well.

There are many reasons to get freed from scientific publishers' monopoly:

  • Explosion of the cost of traditional periodics
  • Ethical concern about access to publicly funded research results
  • Expansion of the number of potential readers, thus increasing the impact of research
  • Access to leading-edge scientific literature to researchers in less favored regions of the world
  • The work of scientific peer review and editing is carried out by the researchers themselves, not by the publishers

University of Louvain wishes to develop its institutional repository (DIAL) and to increase the number of Open Access publications.

It also encourages the development of Open Access Journals (Gold and Partinium Open Access) by its members.

Open Publication at UClouvain, a short video :

Les trois témoignages complets et arguments

Reasons why in 3 minutes

Open Access 101, from SPARC from Karen Rustad on Vimeo.