Debate Van Middelaar on EU elections (2019)

Debate with Luuk van Middelaar on values after the EU-elections (2019)

On 5 June 2019, just after the European Elections, the Chair in European Values at UCLouvain and its counterpart at UAntwerp, organised a debate at Bozar about Luuk van Middelaars new book, Alarums and Excursions. In this book van Middelaar offers a groundbreaking account of the European Union’s crisis politics. As the incoming Velge chairs in European Values Heleen Touquet (UAntwerp) and Wim Weymans (UCLouvain) invited him to reflect on the conclusions of his book and on European values in the light of the results of the European elections on 26 May. After a brief introduction by the co-founder of the chair, Maurice Velge, Van Middelaar was interviewed by Ben Judah, author of This is London and Fragile Empire, followed by a debate. The event which lasted around 90 minutes was attended by around 50 people.