Chair in European Values


Established in 2015 in a joint project between the UCL and the UAntwerp at the initiative of Baron Velge, the Chair in European Values: Discourses and Prospects is dedicated to the study of European values. At a moment when the European Union’s foundations are put into question – with a barely tamed monetary crisis, a divisive refugee crisis and the political crisis of citizens’ disenchantment – it seems more urgent than ever to examine what unites, and can unite, the peoples living within the Union, culturally politically and historically. This requires acknowledging a threefold reality: the irreducible plurality of Europe’s nations, an underlying civilizational unity, and the necessity in today’s globalised world for the countries of Europe to strengthen their bonds.

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Past issues:


60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome

At the occasion of the Treaties of Rome 60th anniversary celebrations, Luuk van Middelaar published various articles on the EU’s future Three things the EU must do to survive’, The Guardian,...