Inbound Erasmus Student


Practical information for Erasmus+ exchange students joining the School of European Studies

  1. Admission procedure

The School of European Studies only accepts students coming to us under a bilateral convention previously signed at departmental level. Once the partner institution informs us that an exchange student has been selected, the School administrator in charge of exchanges e-mails the student the necessary documents and information.

  1. Registration

On arrival, students should go to the secretariat of the School of European studies, to Madame Beata Dunaj, the administrator responsible for Erasmus exchanges (Place des Doyens, 1, office n° B233, tel: +32 10 478489, e-mail:, to carry out the necessary registration procedures. Students must show an European medical insurance document (or the equivalent) and the authorisation letter for registration at UCLouvain.

  1. Studying at the School of European Studies

When working out a study programme, please bear in mind when (in which term) the class is given. Students must take exams in the classes for which they have registered. They may retake exams in which they have not done sufficiently well. Each exam can only be retaken twice a year.

At the end of his/her stay, the student will be given a statement of the grades he/she has obtained. A copy of this document will be sent to the departmental coordinator of his/her home institution. This statement of grades is only intended to provide academic evidence to the home institution of the classes taken by the student at UCL.

  1. Services

On registration with UCLouvain, the student will be given a student card and a login and password for internet access. Students may use the libraries by showing their student card.