Lecture on the History of European Integration (Autumn 2019)

In the autumn of 2019 Wim Weymans taught an MA class in English on the history of European integration at UCLouvain. This course was attended by 60 students that came from all over Europe and beyond. Although this class – which was taught together with Jan-Willem Brouwer – was mainly organized as a lecture-series, there was regular room for debate about topics such as the East-West divide or various ways to deal with Europe’s past and it thus also offered several opportunities to discuss the importance of (conflicting) values in the EU’s history. The fact that this course was attended by students that came from various European countries made these debates particularly lively and interesting, as students could exchange and confront their different views and backgrounds. Moreover, in December 2019 students of this class enjoyed a guided tour at the House of European History in Brussels.