Other Past Events




Talk on the History of European Values (2021)

In February 2021 Wim Weymans gave a talk on ‘a critical history of European values’ for an international and interdisciplinary group of experts who want to translate the results of the latest European Values Study (EVS) for policymakers and a wider public through a book and a series of workshops. The workshop was hosted (online) by the University of Vienna (Universität Wien).





Guest seminar Kris Grimonprez “Case4EU@school” (April 2020)

In April 2020 the Chair in European Values at UCLouvain welcomed Kris Grimonprez to exchange views on European values with students about her ongoing project “Case4EU@school” (KU Leuven). Due to the Corona-crisis this scheduled guest-seminar was replaced by an online exchange with the students of the interdisciplinary seminar “Rethinking Europe” (LEUSL2051). In her project Kris Grimonprez uses cases from the European Court of Justice to stimulate reflection in schools about the European Union in general and European values in particular. You can read more about her project here.




Paper on Values in Europe (Louvain-la-Neuve, 28 March 2019)

As part of a series of events around the topic “inhabiting our world” [“Habiter le Monde”] Wim Weymans gave a paper on 28 March 2019 at Louvain-la-Neuve on the role Values (should) play in the debate on Europe, which was followed by a lively debate.







Debate on the origins of human rights (Kortrijk, 23 October 2018)

On 23 October 2018 Wim Weymans gave a presentation followed by a debate on human rights as a central value in contemporary debate with a special focus on their history and their role in Europe (in Dutch, under the title: ‘Mensenrechten, jong en al versleten?’) in Kortrijk at the “huis van de mens”. The event was hosted by “Vorming Plus” in cooperation with Amnesty International.






Screening of the Great European Disaster Movie (Louvain-la-Neuve, 24 February 2016)

The Chair has held a free screening of The Great European Disaster Movie on Wednesday, 24 February. The movie screening was followed by a debate (in English) between the film director, Annalisa Piras, Professor Luuk van Middelaar and Professor Anne-Lise Sibony (UCL). This has been an opportunity to discuss Europe’s current challenges.







After the Storm. How to Save Democracy in Europe? (Louvain-la-Neuve, 25 November 2015)

Presentation of the book “After the Storm” by the editors Luuk van Middelaar and Philippe Van Parijs, followed by a discussion with André Sapir (Brueghel, ULB Bruxelles).

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