Seminar on European values (Spring 2020)

LEUSL2051 — Interdisciplinary seminar "Rethinking Europe" (taught in English)

In the spring of 2020, a group of 30 students coming from all over Europe participated in an interdisciplinary seminar entitled “Rethinking Europe” that focused an entire semester on ‘European Values’. Every week they discovered different perspectives on the topic of ‘European values’ which allowed them to debate with each other on this subject. On 5 March 2020 students participated in an international conference on European values and emotions, organized by the chair. During the lockdown from mid-March onwards the seminar had to move entirely online. A highpoint of this seminar was a special session in April when students were able to discover and ask questions about Kris Grimonprez’ project and Grimonprez in turn responded in detail to the many points raised by the students. In the last three sessions they presented and discussed their own papers in the form of an online mini-conference, whereby students commented on each other’s presentations.