The Department of Biology  is made up of about 30 academics and scientists with permanent contracts, 91 doctoral students, assistants or scientists with temporary contracts as well as about 30 administrative, technical and maintenance staff. Within this considerable and high-level pedagogical framework, the Department of Biology  trains close to 120 undergraduate, 100 graduate and about 30 postgraduate students.

The Department of Biology  has committed itself actively to the Bologna reforms in European-level university education. The full cycle is presented as follows: first a three-year cycle that allows the student to be bestowed a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. This first cycle is followed by a two-year Master’s level training. The first Bachelor’s year is common to biologists, chemists, agronomists and students in geography. Its aim is to give the students a sound basis in science. As from the second year, the specialisation in biology is more emphasised. From the third year onwards, leaving aside the common core of 30 credits, the choice between four orientations is possible: animal biology, plant biology, molecular and cellular biology and ecology. Each section comprises 30 credits.

Three Master’s degrees in biology will be accessible as from the academic year 2007-2008 for graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in biology:

- a Master’s in biology (60 credits);
- a Master’s in biochemistry and molecular biology (120 credits);
- a Master’s in organic biology and ecology (120 credits).

The latter will be organised in collaboration with the FUNDP (Namur).

Every Master’s (worth 120 credits) will be targeted towards three end goals: a didactic one oriented towards teaching at secondary-school level, one specialised one towards a career in industry or in private enterprise and a top-level one for graduates who want to continue in research, for instance by doing a PhD thesis. In the final Master’s year (worth 120 credits), special attention goes to the carrying out of long-term traineeships in a professional context selected by the student.