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Perceiving infection risk in shops: a worried clientele

  Are you afraid of getting infected when you enter a shop? The process triggered by this fear is often unconscious. Several factors can trigger infection concerns among customers, change their behaviour and influence their experience. Understanding this is crucial for shop...
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Health and technology

A prosthesis continues its path to the market

A bionic prosthesis ‘Made in UCLouvain’ is on the doorstep of one of the field’s world market leaders. Since 1 October, Prof. Renaud Ronsse’s team has been developing its prosthesis in partnership with a company and is aiming for commercialisation by 2026-27. On 1 October, a...
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Science and health

Blood donation and sport performance

  Iron supplementation helps limit the impact of blood donation on sport performance. This is reassuring news for athletes, whose donations are so valuable for the blood supply. Blood donation is an act of solidarity that is crucial to our healthcare. Every year in Belgium more...
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Thinking about the post-oil era in specific terms!

  How, specifically, do we achieve the energy transition? UCLouvain researchers are coordinating a major research project aimed at answering this crucial question by 2024, in order to provide politicians and actors with tools to make the transition happen. ‘The world is...
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Silica dust toxicity exposed

The inhalation of silica dust in mines, quarries and construction sites causes serious diseases such as silicosis and bronchial cancers. Its toxicity, while proven, hasn’t been well understood – until now. Through a study published in PNAS our researchers are creating a small revolution...
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