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The great dilemma: isolate or immunise

Modelling the impact of isolation measures is what authorities turn to when making decisions concerning COVID-19. UCLouvain researcher Emmanuel Hanert has adapted a mathematical model developed by Chinese researchers in order to predict the evolution of the health situation in Belgium...
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Towards an anti-obesity bacteria-inulin cocktail?

Every human being has a unique intestinal microbiota. Its composition in obese patients can influence the response to treatment with inulin, a dietary fibre, as demonstrated by a study led by UCLouvain researchers. Inulin is a dietary fibre found in salsify, Jerusalem artichokes, leeks,...
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Mars, from the inside

The mission’s name sums up its goal: InSight Mars should lead to a better understanding of the planet’s internal structure. Since November 2018, data flows have been analysed by scientists, including Véronique Dehant of UCLouvain and the Royal Observatory of Belgium. The first results...
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Science and technology

Radar for malicious drones

Anyone can use a drone. Their use is increasingly varied, to the point of endangering our privacy and security. UCLouvain and VTT Aalto in Finland researchers, studied several drones from all angles to learn how to detect them more effectively. Its sound and slow flight evoke a...
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Free will or biological determinism?

Neuroscience supports the existence of free will. This is demonstrated in Free Will, Causality, and Neuroscience, coedited by Bernard Feltz, professor emeritus at the UCLouvain Graduate Institute of Philosophy. Human beings can escape strict biological determinism. ‘The question of...
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