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Broad spectrum antivirals: a complicated mission … but...

Between their parasitic activity and ability to mutate, viruses are difficult to target effectively with antivirals. But scientists aren’t giving up. The team of Thomas Michiels (de Duve Institute) is on a promising track to develop a broad-spectrum antiviral. When a bacteria infects...
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Environment & Technology

Decarbonising our planet with ammonia

Green energy, yes, but on the condition that we can use it when we need it! Current research in the field is all about green energy storage and delivery. At UCLouvain, Francesco Contino is exploring the possibility of storing electricity in the form of ammonia. ‘To meet climate and...
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‘All-organic’ batteries for sustainable mass storage

Conventional batteries aren’t a sustainable solution for our planet. Prof. Alexandru Vlad is currently working on an alternative for storing energy: all-organic batteries. Today’s all-electronic devices use lithium-ion batteries. Their production consumes a lot of energy owing to...
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Lock the door on coronavirus

How does the new coronavirus enter our cells and how do we keep it from entering? The team of David Alsteens (LIBST) will tackle these two questions with the help of state-of-the-art equipment, the atomic force microscope, and expertise on the interactions between viruses and their host...
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Did scholars make the West?

Were scientists and scholars crucial to the West’s growth and development? Research at the crossroads of demography, economics, and history got the go-ahead on 31 March, when economist David De la Croix won a prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant. As the humanist,...
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