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A stockpile of neurons in the hypothalamus!

The hypothalamus is a structure in the brain that links our nervous system to our hormonal system. The team of Prof. Frédéric Clotman traced the development of the neurons which compose it and discovered a reserve of cells available for producing neurons according to the needs of the...
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Opinion or hate speech?

In Belgium, discriminatory comments are punishable by law. But what is to be done when the words are at the borderline between opinion and hate speech? The team of UCLouvain linguist Barbara De Cock conducted a study with VUB on the linguistic characteristics of the words politicians...
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The brain: less compartmentalised than expected!

What if the part of our brain that we thought was dedicated to visual information also processed other sensory information? Olivier Collignon, a neuropsychology professor, and his team conducted an investigation. The results represent a small revolution for neuroscience. For 15 years,...
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Satellite view of COVID-19 impact reveals struggling...

What’s the connection between white asparagus, soft fruit, plastic tarps, and trucks? Each had a role in recent satellite image analysis that shows a major indirect impact of COVID-19. Research by the geomatics team of Pierre Defourny, a specialist in Earth observation by satellite,...
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Science and technology

Food, drugs, and pilot reactors

The food and pharmaceutical industries continuously strive to improve the efficiency and safety of the chemical processes in manufacturing their products. To help them do so, Prof. Juray De Wilde’s team has developed a unique type of pilot reactor. The pouring rain fails to douse Prof. De...
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