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Reoviruses: weapons against cancer?

Prof. David Alsteens recently received two scientific awards for his team's research on initial interactions between a virus and a cell – research that could one day lead to new antiviral or even anticancer drugs. Against pathogenic bacteria, we have antibiotics. Against viruses, we have...
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‘Next generation’ separated families

For more than two years, Prof. Laura Merla has been leading research on societal changes in divorced families. Member of the UCLouvain Institute for the Analysis of Change in Contemporary and Historical Societies (IACCHOS), she focuses on the significant increase in alternating residency...
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The puzzle of pensions is in good hands

  Demographic change obliges all governments to address the issue of pensions. Prof. Pierre Devolder has just created the Ethias Chair of Excellence and, with other colleagues, an interdisciplinary Action de Recherche Concertée (ARC), or joint research project. UCLouvain isn’t...
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Science and technology

Artificial intelligence for space exploration

Michael Saint-Guillain, a computer engineering research assistant at UCLouvain’s ICTEAM, didn’t plan on working in the fascinating realm of outer space. And yet, in 2018, while a PhD student, he participated in ‘UCL to Mars’, a unique Mars scientific expedition simulation. It convinced him...
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A late antiquity Tuscan villa revealed

For 13 summers, Marco Cavalieri, UCLouvain professor of Roman archaeology and researcher at the Intitute for the study of civilizsations, arts and letters (INCAL), and his team have conducted excavations near the city of San Gimignano in Tuscany. They have gradually revealed a huge villa...
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