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Radar for malicious drones

Anyone can use a drone. Their use is increasingly varied, to the point of endangering our privacy and security. UCLouvain and VTT Aalto in Finland researchers, studied several drones from all angles to learn how to detect them more effectively. Its sound and slow flight evoke a...
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Free will or biological determinism?

Neuroscience supports the existence of free will. This is demonstrated in Free Will, Causality, and Neuroscience, coedited by Bernard Feltz, professor emeritus at the UCLouvain Graduate Institute of Philosophy. Human beings can escape strict biological determinism. ‘The question of...
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Hydrogen: fill it up with renewable energy

How can we store excess renewable electricity? ‘Via chemistry!’ answers the team of Prof. Joris Proost. Beginning in April, thanks to funding from the European Horizon 2020 programme, Louvain School of Engineering researchers will work for two years on a water electrolysis industrial...
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Boosting chemical reactions with a hybrid catalyst

Damien Debecker and his team have developed a hybrid catalyst that produces chemical cascade reactions of unprecedented efficiency. It’s a very useful invention for improving chemical processes. Ultimately, some drugs could be produced in a greener way. Also, biomass molecules, such as the...
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Volunteering is good for your health!

Giving your time makes you feel better and keeps the doctor away! These are the results of a vast Belgian study on the benefits of volunteering led by researchers from the UCLouvain Psychological Sciences Research Institute. What do a scoutmaster, docent and political activist have in...
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