Vivès Seminar

CHAIRE HOOVER Louvain-La-Neuve


The Vivès Seminar in Law, Economics and Political Philosophy is a reading seminar taking place every two weeks at the Hoover Chair. Phd students, Post-Docs and visitors at the Chair are invited to present their work-in-progress and to comment on the work of others. For any questions, please contact Refia Kadayifçi.


Next presentation:

April 2: Mattia Gozzi (Università di Padova)

In a totalitarian context the episodes of violence are often well planned, prepared and executed: the organized exclusion, persecution and murder of thousands of victims is not happening by chance.

This is the novelty of totalitarian crimes and several actors have a crucial role in this process.

The key factor is understanding the transformation of these thousands of individuals who decide to execute the violent acts against the victims selected by totalitarian regime. This is an accomplishment that required the collaboration of thousands and thousands of individuals acting.

Based on such idea, I am going to dwell on the following questions: 1) How is it humanly possible to commit these horrendous crimes? 2) Why is it complicated to understand exactly the origin of these crimes? 3) What are the elements which encourage this ‘demonic transition’ by ordinary men?