Social activities


A welcome meeting

In the beginning of each academic year, ACELI organises a Welcome Meeting dedicated to new researchers in ELI. An ELI welcome guide goes with this day to help you to integrate your new institute. 

The president of the institute, Prof. Claude Bragard, presents the structure and goals of ELI, the structure of the UCL itself and how ELI integers therein. ACELI's president gives a short talk to present the researcher's association. Finally, the secretary of CDD (PhD administration) or the CDD president is present to answer any question you have concerning the admission to PhD at UCL.

24H vélo – the vELI

Each year, the ACELI takes part in the famous 24 heures vélo of Louvain-la-neuve thereby representing ELI institute with a “vELI” bike. This vELI is made of 2 bikes, attached together with hand made decorations. Every helping hand is welcome!

People belonging to ELI get a chance to ride the bike by pairs, a very good way to meet other ELI's members around a drink offered by ELI.

Photo: VELIs 2013, 2013, 2014, 2015

Recreational day

An annual team building afternoon is organized by the ACELI. A sporting activity is followed by a drink or a dinner.   

Photo: 2017 ACELI dinner