Developmental and educational psychology

Research projects focus on analysing the learning and lifelong personal development processes in ecological and social-cognitive approaches, which highlight the interactions between individuals and their environment and the perception they have about these interactions. Research projects aim to understand how people's experiences are built up in a given context (family, school, educational, professional,...), by analysing the interactions between the different levels of systems, defined by Bronfenbrenner.

These works are studying especially the effects of interventions, training methods, or pedagogical and teaching practices which may, under certain conditions, encourage motivation, the commitment of learners and thus the quality of their learning and development. This work is conducted in various fields: families, schools, CPMS, psycho-educational services, associations, higher education, adult training, vocational guidance,...


Research groups:


Chaire Baron Frère en orthopédagogie

Chaire UCL - IRSA

Chaire UNESCO de Pédagogie Universitaire



Groupe interdisciplinaire de Recherche sur la Socialisation, l'Education et la Formation GIRSEF

H2M Children

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