Research Groups & Labs

Cognition et neurosciences - Cognition and neurosciences

Groupes de recherche - Research group


Crossmodal Perception and Plasticity / CPP-Lab

LANgage et COMmunication (LANCOM)

Goffaux Vision Research lab


Numerical Cognition Lab



Social Perception, Reasoning and Interaction Neuroscience Group (SpringLab)

Research Group on Language, Brain & Cognition


Groupe de recherche associé - Associated research group

Laboratory for Cognitive and Affective Dynamics in Stress and Anxiety (CADSA lab)

Pain Research Lab


Comportement social, travail et société - Social behavior, work and society

Groupes de recherche :

Centre Interdisciplinaire de Recherche Travail, État et Société CIRTES

Centre de psychologie de la religion

Louvain Social Psychology Lab

WOrC Psy Lab (Work, Organizational, and Career Psychology Lab)


Développement psychologique et éducation -  Psychological development and education

Chaires :

Chaire Baron Frère en orthopédagogie

Chaire UCL - IRSA

Chaire UNESCO de Pédagogie Universitaire


Groupes de recherche :

Burn-out Parental

Development of Literacy Lab (DeLi Lab)

Groupe interdisciplinaire de Recherche sur la Socialisation, l'Education et la Formation GIRSEF

H2M Children

Psychologie clinique et de la santé - Clinical and health psychology

Groupes de recherche :

Burn-out Parental

Health, Emotion, Cognition, and Memory (IlLuminetti group)

Laboratory for Cognitive and Affective Dynamics in Stress and Anxiety (CADSA lab)

Louvain Experimental Psychopathology research group (LEP)    

Louvain Psychotherapy Research Group

Person-centred research and training lab (PCLab)

Research Group on Psychology of Public Health and Aging (PHA)