Clinical and Health Psychology

Clinical and health psychology concerns the application of psychological theories and methods to the promotion and maintenance of health and mental health. Clinical psychology is more concerned with the research, assessment, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of issues affecting mental health. Health psychology is concerned with the promotion and maintenance of health, the prevention and treatment of health, the identification of etiological and diagnostic correlates of health, the treatment of disease, and the improvement of the health care system and health policy.

Projects in clinical psychology focus on the psychological processes involved in the development and maintenance of psychopathological states, as well as the development of psychological interventions targeting the offending processes. They are also concerned with the psychological processes shared by different psychopathological states and the influence of biological factors such as stress or inflammatory factors in this development. Projects in health psychology are concerned with the influences of emotion and personality on health, the influence of emotional and social competence on personal, interpersonal and organisational outcomes, and the development and validation of interventions to improve emotional competence, biological and hormonal correlates of emotional and social behaviours, factors associated with ageing and health, cognitive and emotional factors associated with effective self-management of chronic diseases, determinants of preventive behaviours, and planning, implementation and evaluation of health promotion interventions. 

Research groups: 


Burn-out Parental

Health, Emotion, Cognition, and Memory (IlLuminetti group)

Stress and Anxiety Research Lab (STAR Lab)

Louvain Experimental Psychopathology research group (LEP)      

Louvain Psychotherapy Research Group

Person-centred research and training lab (PCLab) 

Research Group on Psychology of Public Health and Aging (PHA)


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