EM-DAT/CRED Scientific and Technical Advisory Group (STAG)


First Scientific and Technical Advisory Group (STAG)
Objective? Panel discussion about disaster research in the context of the EM-DAT project, supported by the Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance of the United States Agency for International Development (BHA/ USAID)

Organization : Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED)

Prominent issues within disaster research :
Classifying disaster types
Automating disaster data collection
Improving the granularity of data: from a global to a local perspective
Filling data gaps: the issue of missing data.

March 20 – 21, 2023, Brussels (Hotel Thon Bristol Stephanie)
Contact : regina.below@uclouvain.be

(Picture Pixabay)

Published on February 09, 2023