ECHIL. EConomics, Health, Inequalities Louvain


ECHIL is a health economics research team at UCLouvain (University of Louvain) created in 2021 under the leadership of Prof. Sandy Tubeuf.

The research conducted by ECHIL is related to health economics and proposes an economic analysis of health policies and healthcare decisions. The research programme is focused on the use of quantitative methods within a multidisciplinary perspective. An economic theory approach is used to formulate research hypotheses that are then empirically investigated.

The scientific project of ECHIL is built around four thematic areas:

1 - Inequalities of opportunity in health and in education
2 - The economics of rare diseases
3 - Economic evaluation of complex health interventions
4 - Global Health policies

Sandy Tubeuf

Professor of Health Economics
Researcher at IRSS and IRES
International chair Circle U Knowledge Hub in Global Health
Visiting professor at University of Leeds, UK

Research areas : Health inequalities, inequalities of opportunity in health, inequalities of opportunity at school, social justice, evaluation of public policies, rare diseases.

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Research Team :

Joséphine Aikpitanyi

FNRS Postdoctoral Research Fellow at IRSS; affiliated to IRES – LIDAM
Josephine’s postdoctoral research aims to advance the understanding of how women’s non-cognitive traits influence their healthcare choices, particularly, their preferences for place of childbirth using a discrete choice experiment.
This is a continuation of her PhD research,the objective of which was to contribute to behavioural economics literature by examining the link between non-cognitive traits and utilization of maternal and child healthcare services in Nigeria.


Alexia Bigorne

PhD student
FSR doctoral fellowship
Researcher at IRSS
Research areas: Health inequalities, inequalities in health opportunities, gender.


Luigi Boggian

PhD student
FRESH-FNRS doctoral fellowship
Researcher at IRSS and IRES
Visiting PhD Student at CRES (University of Pompeu Fabra, Espagne)
Research areas : Inequalities in healthcare utilisation, health and healthcare determinants, migration.


Charlotte Desterbecq

PhD student
Research and teaching assistant
Researcher at IRSS
Research areas : Economic evaluation, health and environment, global health.



Rebecca (Becky) Jones

Research assistant for EM-DAT project
MSc Health economy (University of York, UK)
Researcher at IRSS and IRES
Research areas : natural disasters, international health, rare diseases.

Aditi Kharb

Research assistant for EM-DAT project
MSc Public policies and development (Paris School of Economics, France)
Research areas : natural disasters, international health.

  Cossi Xavier Agbeto

ARES Development cooperation fellowship
Researcher at IRSS and IRES
Research areas: Inequalities in healthcare access, Health insurances, Evaluation of public policies