IRSS Bruxelles Woluwe

Pr. Vincent Lorant: Professor of sociology of health, his main research topics are: health inequalities, social determinants of health, supply and demand of health human resources, health policies, international comparisons of social policies, health care networks, and alcohol and tobacco regulation policies.

Pr. Vincent Dubois: Professor of psychiatry, medical director of the Epsylon mental health network, his main research subjects are: emergency and crisis psychiatry, the organization of mental health care services, compulsory care and its alternatives.

Dr. Pablo Nicaise: PHD of public health sciences, political scientist, has developed an expertise in the field of systems, services and policies of care, and the organization of care and services, in particular in matters of mental health and addiction and governance networks.

Pr. Sophie Thunus: Professor of Management of Health Care Establishments and Services (UCLouvain) FSP-Faculty of Public Health IRSS-Institute for Health and Society Research. She works on the processes of change in health and mental health systems, on the sharing of powers and knowledge and on questions of the identity of the actors concerned (professionals, political decision-makers, users).

François Wyngaerden: Sociologist, researcher at the IRSS and scientific collaborator at the Clinique Fond'Roy. He is particularly interested in models of integration of care, autonomy and user involvement. He is preparing a thesis on users' social support networks and their relationship to the organization of care.

Pierre-Olivier Robert: PHD and Sociologist and social worker, assistant at the Faculty of Public Health.

Hélène Garin:PhD student with a master's degree in public health sciences and a nursing background, interested in mental health and improving care in general. Researcher on the Egonet project, her thesis focuses on users' social support networks.

Pierre Smith: PhD studentt with a master's degree in public health sciences and a background in psychiatric nursing, his thesis focuses on the social and economic integration of people with severe mental health disorders. Areas of interest: psychiatric epidemiology, social determinants of mental health and the organization of the supply of mental health care and services.

Camille Duveau: PhD student with a master's degree in public health sciences and a dietitian background, her thesis focuses on the recommendations of general practitioners towards migrant patients suffering from mental health disorders.

Katharina Seeber: PhD student on the project RESPOND, she has expertise in social policy and psychology. She is preparing a thesis on political responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts on mental health.

Morgan Botrel: Nurse on project research Egonet

Vanessa Makola: Researcher on the project Evadrug

Audrey Delaire: Researcher on the project Respond

Carole Walker: Psychologist, project researcher COFI, KCE-Mental Health and Career Path, Brussels.

External members : Dr. J.L. Feys, Dr. Guy Deleu, Pr. M. Ansseau, Pr. Ph. De Timary, J_Ch. Peeters.