Research scope

The institute LAB aims to nourish reflections, support experimentation, and propose methods and tools to respond to - and anticipate – the present and future challenges of our territories, cities and buildings, promoting excellence in research through systemic, critical, sensitive, innovative, and rigorous thinking. Structured on three sites – Brussels, Louvain-la-Neuve, and Tournai – and nurturing strong relations with the Faculty of Architecture, Architectural Engineering, and Urban Planning (LOCI) at UCLouvain, the research activities of the institute LAB are articulated into three interrelated areas: Landscape: Urban planning, landscape and territorial design; Architecture: Theory, history and design of architecture; Built environment: Building technologies, architectural physics and architectural engineering.

Promoting multi/inter/trans-disciplinary dialogue between technical, human, and health sciences, LAB actively collaborates with several faculties and institutes, and  with cross-sectorial platforms, at UCLouvain, and can count on a global network of academic, scientific, industrial, professional, and governmental partners. The results of our research aspire to bring significant impacts on cultural, environmental, technical, and economic advancement, fostering the transition towards more sustainable, resilient, and circular cities and societies.

The LAB presentation document