The Board Committee

The Board Committee deliberates and decides on policy issues of the Institute. It also ensures a mission of impulse, animation, coordination, valorization and evaluation of the research within the LAB.


Head of LAB : Sergio Altomonte

Institute’s Administrative Coordinator : France Pecher

Institute’s Secretary : Sandrine Matthieu

Dean of LOCI : Eric Van Overstraeten

Six representatives of the Institute’s Academic Staff: Yves Hanin, Gérald Ledent, Daniela Perrotti, Renaud Pleitinx, Luca Sgambi, André Stephan

Representatives of the Institute’s Administrative and Technical Staff : Paul Muraille

Three representatives of the Institute’s Scientific Staff: Andrea Anselmo, Daniel Otero Pena

Guests : Alain Malherbe as Research Coordinator, Chloé Salembier