Research in the critical theories, histories, cultures, and practices of architecture aims to position the design, creation and perception of spaces within their epistemological, anthropological, cultural, social, typological, technological and cognitive contexts. Building on a continuous dialogue with other disciplines - history of art, philosophy, psychoanalysis, system thinking, etc. – research in the macro-domain of “Architecture” explores the hypotheses on which a contemporary theory of architecture can be founded, while defining strategies and tools for the conservation and preservation – and for a chronological and typological taxonomy – of our historic and modern built heritage. The architectural design process – intended as the expression of a vision, with its foundations, approaches and tools - is studied in its complexities, contextualisation, representation and digitalisation, drawing expertise from human and social sciences, and working on methodological and operational interconnections, to address multifaceted and urgent contemporary challenges (e.g., aging, disability, gender and care).​


laboratoire analyse architecture
Laboratoire des théories et des systèmes en architecture