PhD theses defended


Virginie Vandenbulcke 
Personalized Collaborative Recommendations in the Mass Retail Sector 
Supervisor/promoteur: Caroline Ducarroz, François Fouss


Ilkka Kivimäki
Distances, centralities and model estimation methods based on randomized shortest paths for network data analysis
Supervisor/promoteur: Marco Saerens 

Bertrand Lebichot
Network analysis based on bag-of-paths: classification, node criticality and randomized policies
Supervisor/promoteur: Marco Saerens


Felix Sommer
Social Network Analysis using Graphs, Applications in Clustering and Recommender Systems
Supervisor/promoteur: François Fouss

Thanh-Diane Nguyen
A cross-device pattern-based approach for designing multiple user interfaces to information systems.
Supervisor/promoteur: J. Vanderdonckt 

Mathieu Zen
A Methodology for Assessing Aesthetics of a Graphical User Interface of an Information System. Visual Measures-based Automated Evaluation.
Supervisor/promoteur: J. Vanderdonckt

Samedi Heng
Impact of Unified User-Story-Based Modeling on Agile Methods: Aspects on Requirements, Design and Life Cycle Management
Supervisor/promoteur: M. Kolp, Y. Wautelet


Iyad Khaddam
Prism: A Life Cycle to Align User Interface and Software Developments based on a Linguistic Perspective
Supervisor/promoteur: J. Vanderdonckt

François Beuvens
UsiGesture: A Structured Method for Engineering Pen-Based Gestures in Graphical User Interfaces
Supervisor/promoteur: J. Vanderdonckt

Nesrine Mezhoudi
A Model-based Approach for Mixed-Initiative Context-aware Adaptation of Graphical User Interface
Supervisor:promoteur: J. Vanderdonckt

Jérémie Melchior
A Model-Based Approach for Dynamically Distributing Graphical User Interfaces Based on their Properties, Graphs, and Scenarios
Supervisor/promoteur: J. Vanderdonckt


Mathieu Senelle
Measures on graphs : from similarity to density
Supervisor/Promoteur : F. Fouss


Sodany Kiv
A Business-Driven Process for COTS-Based System Development Centered on Agents.
Supervisors/Promoteurs: M. Kolp, Y. Wautelet


Thi Thuy Hang Hoang
Quality-aware agent-oriented information-system development
Supervisor/Promoteur: M. Kolp

Thi Ai Vi Tran
User interface generation from task, domain and user models: DB-USE approach
Supervisor/Promoteurs: S. Faulkner & J. Vanderdonckt

Francisco Martinez Ruiz
A development method for user interfaces of rich internet applications
Supervisor/Promoteur: Jean Vanderdonckt

Kenia Soares Sousa
A model-driven approach for user interface - Business process alignment
Supervisor/Promoteur: J. Vanderdonckt

Josefina Guerrero Garcia
A methodology for develooping user interfaces to workflow information systems
Supervisor/Promoteur: J. Vanderdonckt

Caroline Herssens
Methods for improving QoS-driven management of web services and their service level agreements
Supervisor/Promoteur: S. Faulkner

Gonzalez Calleros Juan Manuel
A model-driven approach for developing three-dimensional user interfaces of information systems in a priciple-based way
Supervisor/Promoteur: J. Vanderdonckt


Achbany Youssef
A Multi-Agent Framework for Developing Adaptable and Open Service Systems
Supervisor/Promoteur: M. Kolp & M. Saerens


Wautelet Yves
A Goal-Driven Project Management Framework for Multi-Agent Software Development : The Case of I-Tropos
Supervisor/Promoteur: M. Kolp

Stanciulescu Adrian
A methodology for Developing Multimodal user Interfaces of Information Systems
Supervisor/Promoteur: J. Vanderdonckt


Coyette Adrien
A Methodological Framework for Multi-Fidelity Sketching for User Interfaces.
Supervisors/Promoteurs: J. Vanderdonckt, M. Kolp

Fouss François
Measures of similarity on graphs: Investigation and application to collaborative recommendation.
Supervisor/Promoteur: M. Saerens

Grolaux Donatien
Transparent Migration and Adaptation in a Graphical User Interface toolkit.
Supervisors/Promoteurs: J. Vanderdonckt, P. Van Roy

Nguyen Duy Tai
A Methodology for Developing and Composing Business Services.
Supervisor/Promoteur: M. Kolp