Working Papers before 2015

2014/30 Mathieu Zen, Jean Vanderdonckt
Towards an Evaluation of Graphical User Interfaces Aesthetics based on Metrics
December 2014

2014/29 Dimitrios Kotsalis, George Vellis, Demosthenes Akoumianakis, Jean Vanderdonckt
Implementation-agnostic instantiation schemes for ubiquitos, synchronous multi-user interfaces
December 2014

2014/28 Ugo Braga Sangiogi, Suzanne Kieffer, Jean Vanderdonckt
Realistic Prototyping of Interfaces using Multiple Devices: A Case Study
December 2014

2014/27 Iyad Khadam, Jean Vanderdonckt
Towards a Culture-Adaptable User-Interfface Architecture
December 2014

2014/26 Josefina Guerrero-Garcia, Juan Gonzalez-Calleros
Multi-User Interaction Meta-Model
December 2014

2014/25 Javier R. Escolar, Cristina G. Cachon, Ignacio Marin, Jean Vanderdonckt, Vivian Motti, François Beuvens
A Model-based Approach to Generate Connection-aware Applications for the Mobile Web
December 2014

2014/24 François Beuvens
UsiGesture: Test and Evaluation of an Environment for Integrating Gestures in User Interfaces
December 2014

2014/23 Ugo Braga Sangiorgi
Electronic Sketching on a Multi-platform Context: A Pilot Study with developers
December 2014

2014/22 Virginie Vandenbulcke, Caroline Ducarroz, François Fouss
Evaluationg the impact of personalized recommendations: Application in the mass-retailing sector
December 2014

2014/20 Félix Sommer, François Fouss
Learning with product graphs and multiple labels
December 2014

2014/19 Suzanne Kieffer, Nikolaos Batalas, Panos Markopoulos
Towards Task Aanlysis Tool Support
December 2014

2014/17 Yves Wauthelet, Samedi Heng, Manuel Kolp, Isabelle Mirbel
Unifying and Extending user Story Models
December 2014

2014/16 Christelle Scharff, Samedi Heng, Vidya Kulkarni
Stress Level on Global Software Projects Using Waterfall and Scrum: A Preliminary Comparison
December 2014

2014/01 Yves Wautelet, Samedi Heng, Manuel Kolp
A Usage-Based Unified Resource Model
January 2014

2013/34 Clémentine Van Parijs, Virginie Vandenbulcke, François Fouss
Improving accuracy by reducing the importance of hubs in nearest-neighbor recommendations
December 2013

2013/32 Christophe Ponsard, Pascal Beaujean, Jean Vanderdonckt
Augmenting Accessibility Guidelines with User Ability Rationales
December 2013

2013/31 Vivian Genero Motti, Dave Raggett, Sascha Van Cauwelaert, Jean Vanderdonckt
Simplifying the Development of Cross-Platform Web User Interfaces by Collaborative Model-based Design
December 2013

2013/30 Than-Diane Nguyen, Jean Vanderdonckt
User Interface Master detail Pattern on Android
December 2013

2013/24 Silvia Garcia Diez, Jérôme Laforge, Marco Saerens
Rminimax: An Optimally Randomized Minimax Algorithm
June 2013

2013/23 Francois Fouss, Kevin Francoisse, Luh Yen, Alain Pirotte, Marco Saerens
An Experimental Investigation of Kernels on Graphs for Collaborative Recommendation and Semisupervised Classification
June 2013

2013/21 Mathieu Zen
Metric-Based Evaluation of graphical user Interfaces: Model, Method, and Software Support
June 2013

2013/20 Yves Wauthelet, Manuel Kolp
Mapping i* within UML for Business Modeling
May 2013

2013/19 Kevin Francoisse, Francois Fouss, Marco Saerens
A Link-Analysis-Based Discriminant Analysis for Exploring Partially Labeled Graphs
May 2013

2013/18 Mathieu Senelle, Marco Saerens, François Fouss
The Sum-over-Forests Clustering
May 2013

2013/17 Mathieu Senelle, Marco Saerens, François Fouss
Measures of similarity between graphs
May 2013

2013/16 Oscar Sanchez Ramon, Jesus Garcia Molina, Jean Vanderdonckt
Re-Engineering Graphical User Interfaces from their Resource Files with UsiResourcer
April 2013

2013/15 Vivian Genaro Motti, Dave Raggett, Jean Vanderdonckt
Current Practices on Model-based Context-aware Adaptation
April 2013

2013/14 Vivian Genaro Motti, Dave Raggett
Quill: A Collaborative Design Assistant for Cross Platform Web Application User Interfaces
April 2013

2013/13 Nesrine Mezhoudi
User Interface Adaptation based on User Feedback and Machine Learning
April 2013

2013/12 Juan Manuel Gonzales Calleros, Josefina Guerrero Garcia, Jean Vanderdonckt
Advanced Human-Machine Interface Automatic Evaluation
April 2013

2013/08 Vivian Motti, Ugo Braga Sangiorgi, Jean Vanderdonckt
Enhancing Collaborative Sketching with Adaptation Guidelines
March 2013

2013/04 Ugo Braga Sangiorgi, François Beuvens, Jean Vanderdonckt
User Interface Design by Collaborative Stecking
February 2013

2013/03 Ugo Braga Sangiorgi, Vivian Genaro Motti, François Beuvens, Jean Vanderdonckt
Assessing Lag Perception in Electronic Sketching
February 2013

2013/02 Vivian Genaro Motti, Jean Vanderdonckt
A Computational Framework for Context-aware Adaptation of user Interfaces
January 2013

2012/29 Charles-Eric Dessart, Vivian Genero Motti, Jean Vanderdonckt
Animated transitions between user Interface Views
December 2012

2012/28 George Vellis, Dimitrios Kotsalis, Demosthenes Akoumianakis, Jean Vanderdonckt
Model-based engineering of multi-platform, synchronous & collaborative UIs
December 2012

2012/27 David Raneburger, Roman Popp, Jean Vanderdonckt
An Automated Layout Approach for Model-Driven WIMP-UI Generation
December 2012

2012/26 Kenia Sousa, Brian Henderson-Sellers, Cesar Gonzalez-Perez, Jean Vanderdonckt
Evaluating a graphical notation for modelling software development methodologies
December 2012

2012/25 Jérémie Melchior, Peter Van Roy, Jean Vanderdonckt
Modelling and Developing Distributed User Interfaces based on Distribution Graph
December 2012

2012/24 François Beuvens, Jean Vanderdonckt
UsiGesture: an Environment for Integrating Pen-based Intercation in User Interface Development
December 2012

2012/23 François Beuvens, Jean Vanderdonckt
Designing Graphical User Interfaces Integrating Gestures
December 2012

2012/22 David Cespedes-Hernandez, Juan Gonzalez-Calleros, Josefina Guerrero-Garcia, Liliana Rodriguez-Vizzuett, Jean Vanderdonckt
Methodology for the Development of Vocal user Interfaces
December 2012

2012/21 Vi Tran, Ricardo Tesoriero, François Beuvens, Jean Vanderdonckt
Systematic Generation of Abstract User Interfaces
December 2012

2012/20 Jean Vanderdonckt
Animated Transitions for Empowering Interactive Information Systems
December 2012

2012/11 Sodany Kiv, Manuel Kolp, Yves Wautelet
An Iterative Process for Component-Based Software Development Centered on Agents
November 2012

2012/10 Virginie Vandenbulcke, Caroline Ducarroz, François Fouss, Fabian Lecron
Customer segmentation based on a collaborative recommendation system: Application to a mass retail company
Novembre 2012

2011/12 Kiv Sodany, Manuel Kolp, Yves Wautelet
A Multi-Agent Architectural Pattern for Wrapping Off-the-Shelf Components
December 2011

2009/24 Sodany Kiv, Yves Wautelet, Manuel Kolp
A process for costs-selection and mismatches handling
December 2009


09/20 Thi ai Vi Tran, Manu Kolp, Jean Vanderdonckt, Yves Wautelet, Stéphane Faulkner
Agent-based user interface generation from combined task, context and domain models
November 2009


09/15 Denis Lalanne, Laurence Nigay, Philippe Palanque, Peter Robinson, Jean Vanderdonckt, Jean-François Ladry
Fusion engines for multimodal input: A survey
November 2009

09/14 Francisco J. Martinez-Ruiz, Jean Vanderdonckt, Jaime Munoz Artega
Weighting task procedure for zoomable task hierarchy modeling of rich internet applications
October 2009

09/13 Francisco J. Martinez-Ruiz, Jean Vanderdonckt, Jaime Munoz Artega
Model driven engineering of rich internet applications equipped with zoomable user interfaces
October 2009

09/12 Vi Tran, Jean Vanderdonckt, Manuel Kolp, Stéphane Faulkner
Generating user interface from task, user and domain models
September 2009

09/10 Josefina Guerrero-Garcia, Juan Manuel Gonzalez-Calleros, Jean Vanderdonckt
A theoretical survey of user interface description languages: Preliminary results
September 2009

09/09 Jean Vanderdonckt, Josefina Guerrero-Garcia, Juan Manuel Gonzalez-Calleros
A model-based approach for developing vectorial user interface
September 2009

09/08 Juan Manuel Gonzalez-Calleros, Josefina Guerrero-Garcia, Jean Vanderdonckt
Towards canonical task types for user interface design
September 2009

09/07 Yves Wautelet, Nicolas Neysen, Manuel Kolp
Complex inter-relational organizations modeling: an ontology-based approach
July 2009

09/04 Thi-Thuy-Hang Hoang, Manuel Kolp
Social patterns for quality control in multi-agent systems
May 2009

09/02 Paul Schmieder, Beryl Plimmer, Jean Vanderdonckt
Cross-domain diagram skectch recognition
February 2009

08/28 Josefina Guerrero-Garcia, Jean Vanderdonckt, Juan Manuel Gonzalez-Calleros
Towards a Multi-User Interaction Meta-Model
December 2008

08/20 François Fouss, Youssef Achbany, Marco Saerens
A probabilistic reputation model
July 2008

08/13 Francisco Montero Simarro, Jean Vanderdonckt
Generative pattern-based design of user interfaces
April 2008

08/09 Josefina Guerrero Garcia, Jean Vanderdonckt, Christophe Lemaigre
Identification criteria in task modeling
April 2008

08/08 Christophe Lemaigre, Josefina Guerrero Garcia, Jean Vanderdonckt
Interface model elicitation from textual scenarios
April 2008

08/07 Adrian Stanciulescu, Quentin Limbourg, Jean Vanderdonckt, Benjamin Michotte, Francisco Montero
A transformational approach for multimodal web user interfaces based on UsiXML
March 2008

08/06 Caroline Herssens, Ivan J. Jureta, Stéphane Faulkner
Extending the UML QoS framework metamodel to express quality preferences and priorities
March 2008

08/05 Caroline Herssens, Ivan J. Jureta, Stéphane Faulkner
Dealing with quality tradeoffs during service selection
March 2008

08/04 Caroline Herssens, Ivan J. Jureta, Stéphane Faulkner
Capturing and using QoS relationships to improve service selection
March 2008

08/02 Yves Wautelet, Manuel Kolp, Nicolas Neysen
e-SPM: An online software project management game
January 2008

07/11 Youssef Achbany, Nicolas Neysen, Yves Wautelet
Ten million tourists in 2010. How morocco can succeed by developing E-Tourism
January 2008

07/07 Nicolas Neysen, Yves Wautelet, Youssef Achbany
Intermédiation électronique et délégation de fonctions: Comment dépasser l'hypothèse de réintermédiation ? Une étude exploratoire de trois cas
May 2007

07/05 Adrien Coyette, Sascha Schimke, Jean Vanderdonckt, Claus Vielhauer
An algorithm for pen-based gesture recognition based on levenshtein distance
May 2007

07/04 Adrien Coyette, Suzanne Kieffer, Jean Vanderdonckt
Combining multiple fidelities in a single UI prototyping tool
May 2007

07/03 Ivan J. Jureta, Stéphane Faulkner, Youssef Achbany, Marco Saerens
Dynamic web service composition within a service-oriented architecture
May 2007

06/08 François Fouss, Alain Pirotte, Jean-Michel Renders, Marco Saerens, Luh Yen
A novel way of computing similarities between nodes of a graph, with application to collaborative filtering and subspace projection of the graph nodes
June 2006

06/03 Caroline Herssens, Manuel Kolp, Yves Wautelet
Analyse et développement d'une application de gestion de fours à coke: Application à Carsid
February 2006

06/02 Adrian Stanciulescu, Quentin Limbourg, Jean Vanderdonck, Benjamin Michotte, Francisco Montero
A transformational approach for multimodal web user interfaces based on UsiXML
February 2006

06/01 Yves Wautelet, Manuel Kolp, Youssef Achbany
S-Tropos: An Ietrative SPEM-Centric software project management process
February 2006

05/148 Youssef Achbany, Tai Nguyen, Stéphane Faulkner, Manuel Kolp, Yves Wautelet
A multi-agent recommendation system based o the sharing of knowledge owned by communities
October 2005

05/147 Tai Nguyen, Manuel Kolp
An agent-oriented architecture for peer-to-peer information integration system
September 2005

05/141 Teh Amouh, Monica Gemo, Jean Vanderdonckt, Abdul Wahed El Gariani, Marc Reynaert, Lambert Stamatakis, Frédéric Thys
Versatile clinical information system design for emergency departments
June 2005

05/136 Adrien Coyette, Jean Vanderdonckt
Computer assisted sketching for the early stages of user interface design
September 2005

05/130 Ivan Jureta, Manuel Kolp, Stéphane Faulkner, T. Tung Do
On-line bidding patterns
February 2005

05/126 Ivan Jureta, Manuel Kolp, Stéphane Faulkner, Yves Wautelet
A goal-oriented framework for business modeling
February 2005

05/125 Marco Saerens, Francois Fouss
December 2004

05/124 Marco Saerens, François Fouss, Luh Yen, Pierre Dupont
The principal components analysis of a graph, and its relationships to spectral clustering
December 2004

05/123 Francois Fouss, Stephane Faulkner, Manuel Kolp, Alain Pirotte, Marco Saerens
Web recommendation system based on a Markov-Chain Model
December 2004

04/114 Adrien Coyette, Stéphane Faulkner, Manuel Kolp, Quentin Limbourg, Jean Vanderdonckt
An intelligent tool for sketcting USIXML - User interfaces
October 2004

04/111 Yves Wautelet, Laurent Louvigny, Manuel Kolp
Modélisation oriente-objet d'aspects opérationnels de base de données sidérurgiques
July 2004

04/109 Yves Wautelet, Laurent Louvigny, Manuel Kolp
Le "Unified Process" comme méthodologie de gestion de projet informatique. Eléments d'application en milieu sidérurgique
June 2004

04/107 François Fouss, Marco Saerens
A maximum entropy approach to multipl classifiers combination
March 2004

04/105 Quentin Limbourg, Jean Vanderdonckt, Benjamin Michotte, Laurent Bouillon, Víctor López-Jaquero
USIXML: a Language Supporting Multi-Path Development of User Interfaces
March 2004

04/104 Stéphane Faulkner, Manuel Kolp, Tai Nguyen, Adrien Coyette, Tung Do
Information integration architecture development: a multi-agent approach
February 2004

04/102 François Fouss, Jean-Michel Renders, Marco Saerens
Links between kleinberg's hubs and authorities, correspondence analysis and Markov chains
February 2004

03/99 Laurent Bouillon, Jean Vanderdonckt, Kwok Chieu Chow
Flexible Re-engineering of Web Sites
November 2003

03/89 Manuel Kolp, T. Tung Do, Stéphane Faulkner, T.T. Hang Hoang
From Social Designs to Multi-Agent Architectures
April 2003

03/88 T. Tung Do, Manuel Kolp, Alain Pirotte
Social Patterns for Designing Multiagent Systems
March 2003

03/86 Aymerick Donnay, François Fouss, Manuel Kolp, David Massart, Alain Pirotte
Analyse oriente objet de processus sidérurgiques de type cokier
March 2003

03/85 François Fouss, Marti Ibarz, Manuel Kolp, Alain Pirotte
Steel Production Data Warehouse Reengineering

02/76 T. Tung Do, Stéphane Faulkner, Manual Kolp
Organizational multi-agent architectures for information systems
November 2002

02/75 Stéphane Faulkner, Manuel Kolp
Towards an agent architectural description language for information systems
November 2002

02/73 Marco Saerens
Any reasonable cost function can be used for a posteriori probability approximation
October 2002

02/71 Thi Thuy Hang Hoang, Manuel Kolp
Développement de patrons de conception à ancrage social pour architectures multi-agent
August 2002

02/65 Abdo Bereikdar, Jean Vanderdonckt, Monique Noirhomme-Fraiture
KWARESMI - Knowledge-based web automated evaluation with REconfigurable guidelineS optiMIzation
July 2002

02/63 Peter Forbrig, Quentin Limbourg, Bodo Urban, Jean Vanderdonckt
Design, specification and verification of interactive systems
June 2002

02/62 Laurent Bouillon, Muriel Florins, Quentin Limbourg, Nathalie Souchon, Jean Vanderdonckt
Etat de l'art des outils de développement d'interfaces homme-machine: Une vue analytique par les représentations
June 2002

02/60 Laurent Bouillon, Jean Vanderdonckt, Nathalie Souchon
Recovering alternative presentation models of a web page with VAQUITA
June 2002

02/41 Alain Pirotte, David Massart
Integrating two descriptions of taxonomies with materialization
March 2002

02/38 Tung T. Do, Stéphane Faulkner, Manuel Kolp
The structure-in-5 as an agent architectural pattern
March 2002

02/35 Mohamed Dachour, Alain Pirotte
The semantics of reifying N-ary relationships as classes
February 2002

02/31 Jaelson Castro, Manuel Kolp, John Mylopoulos
Towards requirements-driven information systems engineering: The tropos project
January 2002

02/30 Manuel Kolp, Palolo Giorgini
A Social Ontology for Information System Development
January 2002

02/29 Manuel Kolp
Agent-based IT support for Knowledge Management
January 2002

02/28 Manuel Kolp
Organizational Structures for Multi-Agent Architectures
January 2002

01/16 David Massart
Gérer la taille des représentations conceptuelles des données
October 2001

01/15 David Massart
La complexité des schémas conceptuels à base d'objet
October 2001