As of 13 October 2020


Prof. J.-Ch. RENAULD, Pro-Rector for Research


  • Science and Technology
    • Prof. G. M. RIGNANESE
    • Prof. P.-E. CAPRACE
    • Prof. X. DRAYE
  • Human Sciences
    • Prof. C. BONMARIAGE
    • Prof. O. CORNEILLE
    • Prof. J. DRIESSEN
    • Prof. B. RIHOUX
    • Prof. L. DEGAND
    • Prof. F. MANIQUET
  • Health Sciences
    • Prof. M.-P. MINGEOT
    • Prof. C. PIERREUX
    • Prof. J.-P. MACHIELS
  • Ex officio members
    • Prof. M. DEVILLERS, Vice-Rector for Science and Technology Sector
    • Prof. J. GREGOIRE, Vice-Rector for Human Sciences Sector
    • Prof. F. HOUSSIAU, Vice-Rector for Health Sciences Sector
    • Prof. D. SAMSON, Pro-Rector for International Affairs
  • Invited members
    • Mr X. LEPOT, Research Administration Director
    • Ms. C. FRISON, CorSci Representative
  • Research Board Secretary
    • Dr A. DISTELMANS, Research Administration