Research integrity and ethics

Research integrity

UCLouvain must be a guarantor on behalf of society of the integrity of its researchers and provide respectful and honest supervision of their work in a way that is conducive to dependable and sound research development. It is therefore up to UCLouvain to establish rules in this area, make them known, and implement a procedure in the event of a breach. It is for this reason that UCLouvain has its own regulation, which applies to the entire institution, including its seven locations, and therefore to any staff member conducting scientific research, regardless of his or her position. 

The Research Integrity Committee, an advisory and recommendatory body established by the UCLouvain Academic Council, ensures the application of this regulation.

Research ethics

In order to promote and enforce ethics in research practices within the university, UCLouvain has established over time a series of structures, mainly at the sector and institute levels, in order to comply with legal requirements regarding ethics committees and/or meet needs in the field. 
The diagram below summarises the landscape of institutional actors according to their field.

Research project ethics: points of contact

For ethics committee advice or approval/certification 

For information

Ethics questions that cannot be answered by a committee can be sent to These issues are dealt with by the Research Council.