Humanities, social sciences and societies

Discover social sciences and humanities research at UCLouvain

This brochure aimed at the general public demonstates how UCLouvain social sciences researchers join forces with many civil society actors, and what impact their work is making on society. Discover a true map of social science research's specificities : focusing on humans, building upon exchanges and networks, traveling through time, and joining forces with medical & hard sciences to offer global solutions to today and tomorrow's challenges. 

What's the point of this brochure ? To make new collaborations happen in order to take up on more challenges, but also allow the general public to fully understand why social science research as it is conducted at UCLouvain is essential for our societies. 

The ten human and social sciences research institutes of UCLouvain are presented into details into individual brochures, acting as their ID projecting their own interests, networks, major projects and interactions with society. 

Download the UCLouvain " Humanities, social sciences and societies" brochure