Training opportunities

On-the-job training

With 14 faculties, UCLouvain is a comprehensive university that educates almost one of every two university students in French-speaking Belgium.What if you’re an adult already pursuing a career, or a business in need of training a team? Check out UCLouvain’s lifelong learning and distance learning programmes.

Lifelong learning

UCLouvain offers more than 150 training programmes that address the needs of employed adults, via:

  • improving their capacity to act, by imparting knowledge of the latest developments in their field and subjecting their practices to theoretical and methodological frameworks;
  • professional development and reorientation by studying a new field or acquiring cutting-edge skills in innovative fields.


Do your professional obligations or residence abroad prevent you from participating in a lifelong learning programme? Check out UCLouvain’s distance learning programme and courses, which include access to massive open online courses (MOOCs), online lifelong learning programmes and the online master’s programme in political science.

Inter- and intra-company training

UCLouvain, via the Lifelong Learning University Institute (Institut universitaire de formation continue, or IUFC), also offers:

Recognition of experience

Recognition of experience is a way for employed or otherwise experienced adults who don’t meet a programme’s admission requirements but can prove ample professional and/or personal experience to access higher education programmes (bachelor’s or master’s degree, university certificate).
An applicant must have at least five years of experience relevant to the programme in question, and submit a dossier for evaluation by a jury that determines whether the applicant has the requisite knowledge and abilities. The jury also determines any additional coursework or course waivers in order to tailor the programme.