International mobility

A multicultural, multilingual university open to the world, UCLouvain is a genuine research university that welcomes more international researchers with each passing year. Today, 40% of its research staff is international.  Among doctoral students, the proportion is nearly one in two.

UCLouvain, a university open to the world

What is UCLouvain’s strength when it comes to mobility? Its involvement in numerous partnerships with international institutions all over the world, and its participation in European and international academic mobility networks. Of particular note is UCLouvain’s membership in the Euraxess Network, a European Commission initiative that facilitates researcher mobility in 40 member and associate member countries and fosters research excellence across Europe.

UCLouvain is also attentive to developing its international appeal, toward the goal of increasing the proportion of talented international researchers in its research teams. The university hopes to be an asset for researchers who choose UCLouvain to complete their studies, enhance their career and conduct quality research.

Experts at your side

UCLouvain Research Department teams support researchers in their project planning and funding search, including those associated with the Move In Louvain programme, and in putting their research findings to real-world use via UCLouvain’s Louvain Technology Transfer Office.

Doctoral students can also consult ‘Valo Doc Louvain to find information on all aspects of doctoral study (arrival, training, research, experience, socio-professional integration).

A unique work and residential environment

UCLouvain welcomes researchers on its several campuses to residential environments that combine green spaces, culture, sport activities and infrastructure, folklore and a humane atmosphere. A unique experience, in the heart of Europe!

The work environment is also ideal. Researchers work within a research institute and can draw on UCLouvain’s technology platforms. They also have direct access to the business world thanks to UCLouvain’s science parks, which attract many businesses and start-ups that want to collaborate, and thus benefit from research conducted at the university. In addition to immediately available resources, researchers have access to libraries and the online research publication tool.

How to join us  

Our university welcomes international researchers under several auspices. If you wish to conduct research at UCLouvain, you must know the UCLouvain position that corresponds to your personal situation and qualifications. Regardless of your professional goal, UCLouvain strives to create the best possible career conditions, such as through its involvement in Euraxess Rights, a continuing process of improvement in the human resources management of researchers.