Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning at UCLouvain

  • More than 150 programmes for adults working in the professions , the social milieu, companies, non-commercial organisations or public sector institutions.
  • Evening master’s programmes that can be pursued over several years, university or interuniversity certificates of 15 to 20 days staggered over several months, or shorter trainings of a few days.
  • E-learning, with three university distance-learning certificates, in financial mathematics and international relations. 

Benefits of UCLouvain lifelong learning

A UCLouvain lifelong learning programme offers many advantages: 

  • cutting-edge expertise in step with a constantly changing environment, supported by the work of 21 research institutes that facilitate innovation in companies, non-commercial organisations and public sector institutions;
  • collaboration with a team of lifelong learning training professionals and with professional circles;
  • training teams that include many field experts and use training methods that embed acquired know-how in the professional reality;
  • the world’s leading experts drawn by UCLouvain’s reputation to join its lifelong learning training teams.

Examples of master’s degree programmes include: management, economic policy (Open Faculty of Economic and Social Policy, Faculté ouverte de politique économique et sociale, or FOPES), public health, education (Adult Education Sciences Training Institute, Institut de formation en sciences de l’éducation pour adultes, or FOPA), law, etc.

Examples of new university or interuniversity certificates or shorter programmes: web communication, Islamic religion course didactics, conference interpretation, pension law and finance, business ethics and compliance management, mindfulness-based psychological intervention, cybersecurity, BIM (building information modelling and management), junior data analyst, sport nutrition, pharmaceutical care, oncological care coordination, agroecology and transition to sustainable food systems.

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