Project funding

The supervisor’s curriculum vitae, or his or her team’s reputation, and the project’s suitability vis-à-vis the funding offer, are crucial to a successful project funding application. A project often entails the hiring of staff, but mentioning this is not necessarily required in the application; any hiring can be considered later according to the needs of the supervisor and the project.

To fund a research project, whether as a supervisor or in partnership with a business, an institution abroad, another UCLouvain or even an international team, researchers have access to funds provided by Belgian and foreign public authorities.

We help every UCLouvain researcher find the means to carry out the most ambitious research projects.

  • International and EU funding: Amal Akheyar
  • Regional and federal funding: Nathalie Burteau
  • Fundamental research funding (FSR, ARC, FRS-FNRS and related funds): Anouk Distelmans
  • Mobility funding: Sara Wilmet
  • Private funding: Marie-Anne Crijns