Mid-term evaluation / confirmation test

Within a maximum of 24 months after admission to the doctoral program, PhD students must undergo a mid-term evaluation (confirmation test). The purpose of the mid-term evaluation is to determine whether students'research has progressed sufficiently well enough to enable them to complete their doctoral thesis.

For this test, an external member to the steering committee must be added and invited to participate. This person is appointed by the local commission (CP) and chosen from among its members.

Once the date and place are fixed, the student communicates this information to the administrative coordinator.

Ten days before the test, the student has to send to the administrative coordinator : his/her updated excel sheet with doctoral training as well as a summary of +/- 3-5 pages about the progress of his/her work.

At least 5 days before the test, the administrative coordinator provides electronically the president of the steering committee with this 'confirmation test file' as well as the necessary documents for the minutes of the meeting. This document has to be completed, signed by all the members and returned to the administrative coordinator as soon as possible.
The other members of the steering committee only receive the 'confirmation test file'.

Once the evaluation is completed, the result (success or failure) is immediately communicated to the PhD student and shall be submitted subsequently to the administrative coordinator. It is transmitted to the PhD student and his/her promoter(s) as soon as possible.

In the event of failure, the steering committee can set a maximum period of 12 months within which the student may retake the mid-term evaluation.