Systems Biology - SYSBIOL

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Introductory description

The Systems Biology platform allows the performance of multiomics studies of different granularities on cohorts of patients.

Thanks to collaboration with several technological centers within and outside the Catholic University of Louvain, Systems Biology will allow you to study biological variations simultaneously or not at the levels:

  • genomics,
  • transcriptomics,
  • proteomics,
  • metabolomics,
  • metagenomics.

In addition, the bioinformatics component will allow you to connect this information together via network analysis.

These can then be integrated into patients' clinical data in order to obtain the most complete information possible regarding the biological question(s) asked.

In addition to methodological and analytical support, the Systems Biology team can also provide upstream assistance in conceptualizing the experiments to be carried out.

An example of what Systems biology can provide you with in terms of service and type of results is presented to you by following the HYGIEIA link.

Request for collaboration

If you are interested in the functionalities of Systems Biology, please fill out the collaboration request form (available in english by changing the langage at the top rigth corner) and feedback on the project will be given to you as soon as possible.

Partner platforms



Partner hospital

Saint-Luc University Clinics (CUSL)

Partner research institutes

Institute of Experimental and Clinical Research (IREC)

Duve Institute (DDUV)

Louvain Drug Research Institute (LDRI)