PhD program in Health Sciences

At UCLouvain, a Doctoral Commission (CDD) supervises all the PhD programs in the Health Science sector ("Medical Sciences, Public Health, Dentistry, Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Movement Sciences"). This committee delegates the tasks of local, daily management of doctoral students to "Disciplinary Committees" (CP).

more than 500 PhD students are active in 8 disciplinary doctoral schools


In principle, a master (120 credits) gives access to a PhD program in the Heath Sciences sector. Specific conditions may, however, exist in the UCLouvain Doctoral Regulations.

Specific dispositions exist for PhD programs in the Health Sciences sector.


If you are considering a PhD in the Health Sciences at UCLouvain, the first step, before enrolling, is to identify a promoter and a research subject. For this, you can consult the websites of the different Research Institutes. The promoter will then assist you finding appropriate funding to support your PhD.

You can also visit the "Researcher Mobility Funding" page on UCLouvain website.


A PhD training is a prospective full-time work, extending over 4 years in principle. For MD with a clinical practice, specific rules are applicable.

The doctoral training includes :

  • research work (experimental, clinical, epidemiological, ...)
  • specialised courses
  • trainings organized by thematic doctoral schools (EDT) : seminars, congress, symposium
  • trainings organized outside EDT : seminars, congress, symposium
  • acquisition of "transferable skills" :
    • scientific writing
    • research valorisation
    • leadership and management
    • career support

This training programme is established in a flexible and specific way to meet the PhD student's needs according to his·er background. Each individual doctoral programme content is validated by the CDD.

A mimimum of 60 training credits is required at the end of the PhD programme.