Transferable skills (PhD Health Sciences)


Completing a PhD in time with a high-quality thesis is a major challenge that requires many other skills than strictly scientific and technical qualifications. Writing and communicating results effectively, working as a team, knowing what to do in case of conflict, managing a project and its timeline, interacting with promoters ... are examples of valuable skills that PhD students need to acquire. An additional reason for mastering these so-called "soft skills" is that they are transferable, and highly valued, also outside the academic world (transferable skills). It is important to prepare for it in time. The training programme for PhD students in the Health Sciences sector includes the acquisition of a minimum of 5 credits to formalize the learning of competences in different fields. Below you will find a set of links to the trainings available within the " UCL, the FNRS Thematic Schools (EDT), or elsewhere :


Scientific writing

* Course WESP2227 Scientific Writing 

* Workshop for GRADUATING PhD students " How to write the PhD Thesis" - 11 May 2020 - registrations closed

* Workshop "Systematic reviews in the clinical context "  took place on 27-28 & 29th, January 2020 - will be organised again in 2021 or 2022


Research valorisation

* Workshop 'Effective visual communication of Science' (webinar) - registrations closed

* Trainings in data analysis proposed by the SMCS (Support en Méthodologie et Calcul Statistique)


Research grant writing

* 'Writing Research Applications & Grant Proposals that Get Funded'  - will be organized again in 2020-2021


Leadership and management

* Trainings offered by Biowin

* Institute of Interdisciplinary Innovation in Health (i³h). A new programme will be launched in 2021.


Carreer support (after the PhD) ...

* Workshops for future PhDs and Phds organised by CIO

* Training / get-togethers / workshops voor PhD students

* workshops organised by Valodoc Louvain