What personal investment is necessary?


Returning to education takes time, energy, and motivation.

Taking up university studies needs good organisation and calls for significant personal investment: investment in time to attend the course, acquire the knowledge, do the course work required and sit the examinations, an investment in energy and solid motivation.

This is even more the case if you have a job or a family life that demands your presence at certain specific times of the week (or of the year).

To help you to determine how feasible your project may be, we offer you two tools.


  • The first is a time calculator, enabling you to establish how long you spend on your weekly activities and to identify time that could be devoted to the studies you have in mind.
  • The second is a list of questions that you should ask yourself before taking the VAE approach. These questions address subjects like the support you will receive from friends and family, the organisation of your domestic and working life, etc.