Who can I contact?


Don’t hesitate to get in contact well in advance (from March), because the VAE procedure can take several months! Think about planning your VAE application.

I need general information about VAE
If you are interested in VAE and would like to know more about the procedure, conditions, etc. You can ask your questions by email (vae@uclouvain.be) or by telephone on 010/ 47 91 25.
I need help to plan my return to education
You can make an appointment with one of our information and careers advisers at the information centre (CIO) to discover the courses offered by the UCL and to plan your return to education during vocational education counselling
Once my plan for resuming education is complete, I should contact...
The VAE faculty support contacts will give you all the information you need in order to be admitted to faculty programmes through VAE: timetable, entry tests, support offered, etc.