Tailored support


At UCL, our advisers and support contacts are there to guide you every step of the way 

The UCL provides support contacts to help you through the admission process and throughout your course: VAE support staff and advisors (VAE advisers, education advisers, study advisers, careers advisers, etc.). All these education professionals are there to help you in your return to education.

These contacts will: 

  • Help you to navigate through the courses offered by UCL and define your project for returning to education
  • Inform you on the procedure and the timetable for applying for entry through VAE
  • Answer your questions throughout the process
  • Help you to prepare for entry tests: completing the application pack, written or oral tests, etc.
  • Successfully complete your course by offering support or advisory activities (methodological advice, introductory seminar, dissertation preparation workshops, etc.)

This support is provided free of charge and is funded by the European Social Fund.