Lucia Granelli - Three Essays in Macroeconomic Policy

ESPO Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

03 juillet 2017




Le Recteur de l'Université catholique de Louvain fait savoir que

Mme. Lucia Granelli

soutiendra publiquement sa dissertation pour l'obtention du titre de Docteur en Sciences Economiques et de Gestion

« Three Essays in Macroeconomic Policy »

Summary :
This work analyses different fiscal policies related either to savings income or to household income.
Its first chapter presents a theoretical model, covering different options for the international taxation of
personal income. Using one unique framework, this chapter assesses the role played by information costs and
their distribution between countries. The second chapter develops a quantitative model to assess the effect
of pro-nativist fiscal subsidies on the fertility decisions of households, distinguishing among different kinds of
tax benefits in order to evaluate theoretically and quantitatively why and by how much different tax
instruments may have different effects on fertility. The third chapter enriches the existing literature by
providing a model of endogenous fertility and heterogeneous households, where pro-nativist fiscal subsidies
have a small average effect on the size of families, but a stronger effect on the fertility of poorer households.
It also shows that inter-generational transfers are not independent from fertility decisions, although some
degree of wealth persistence exists. An increase in inter-generational transfers is found to decrease the level
of consumption for richer households, who prefer to decrease their level of consumption for continuing to
endow their children with transfers.

Membres du jury :
Président : Prof. Fabio Mariani
Promoteur : Prof. David de la Croix
Promoteur : Prof. Marcel Gérard
Autres Membres du Jury :
Prof. Thomas Baudin, Prof. Rigas Oikonomou, Prof. Luca Pensieroso