Planar cell polarity in brain development


Pr. André Goffinet, Head of research group DENE,  will present a seminar on “Planar cell polarity in brain development”.

Planar cell polarity (PCP), the organization of cell sheets in the tangential plane, is regulated by a set of “core” PCP genes. Over the last few years, evidence has accumulated that PCP signaling is important for brain development and function. PCP signaling in the neuroepithelium and otic placode controls neural tube closure, the organization of inner ear sensory cells and probably neural stem cell divisions. PCP signaling also acts in postmitotic neurons, and regulates neuronal migration, axon guidance as well as neuronal maturation and survival. Although several key players in PCP signaling have been identified, their mechanisms of action, particularly in the nervous system, remain elusive.

This seminar will take place in Auditoire De Visscher, Woluwe at 12:00.

For more details, please contact Stefan Constantinescu

Publié le 12 avril 2010