LEMSC - Mechanical testing, structures, and civil engineering laboratory


What we offer ? Our technical and scientific expertise in characterization of materials or structures

The LEMSC platform gathers advanced mechanical testing devices, which are used to evaluate the response of civil engineering structures and rocks under static and dynamic loads and also to measure the strength and toughness of high performance metallic alloys and composite materials developed in iMMC.

It is accredited for the assessment of structural components.

It also hosts experimental research activities in hydraulics (e.g. flood control), geotechnics, and novel construction techniques.


The LEMSC platform is mainly active in :

  • Mechanical tests on various materials (metal, composites for aeronautics, wood, prestressing, neoprene supports, relaxation, corrosion, geomaterials, etc.)
  • Tests on structures (railway equipment, mixed beams, wood-frame panels, reinforced concrete walls, etc.)
  • Hydraulic tests (sedimentation)


Didactic Support

As a part of a University, the LEMSC is regularly involved in didactic activities as:

  • Experimental laboratories with mechanical tests on materials (concrete, steel, timber)
  • Practical projects with the design and construction of typical timber structures: small bridges, specific bearing structures, …
  • Visit of the lab with students


The main missions of the platform are to insure :

  • The security of the users
  • The daily management of equipment and technical rooms
  • The user training
  • The machining of samples and assemblies
  • The aid in the design of new tests
  • The technological watch