Our institute is committed to meet the changing needs of our society and to forge a sustainable future. The Institute provides an integrated environment for the advancement of engineering, with an emphasis on creativity and problem solving. 

Discover the expertise of our academics :

João Almeida

Contact: joao.almeida@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

Personal site: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/joao.almeida

Yann Bartosiewicz

Contact: yann.Bartosiewicz@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

Personal site: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/Yann.Bartosiewicz

Philippe Chatelain

Contact: philippe.chatelain@uclouvain.be

Research topics: 

Personal site: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/philippe.chatelain

Francesco Contino

Contact: francesco.contino@uclouvain.be

Research topics: 

Personal site: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/francesco.contino

Bruno Dehez

Contact: bruno.dehez@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

  • Study of electromagnetic devices (prototype, simulation),
  • Study of small electric motor (electromechanical conversion),
  • Optimization research (topology),
  • Electromechanical storage (flywheels)

Personal site: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/bruno.dehez

Emmanuel De Jaeger

Contact: emmanuel.dejaeger@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

  • Power systems dynamics and control, smart grids
  • Electrical machines and power electronics converters
  • Power QualityStudy of electromagnetic devices (prototype, simulation), Study of small electric motor (electromechanical conversion), Optimization research (topology), Electromechanical storage (flywheels)

Personal site: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/emmanuel.dejaeger

Laurent Delannay

Contact: laurent.delannay@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

Personal site: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/laurent.delannay

Eric Deleersnijder

Contact: eric.deleersnijder@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

  • Oceanography
  • Modelling complex reactive transport processes
  • Tracer and timescale diagnostic methods
  • Geophysical and environmental fluid dynamics

Personal site: https://perso.uclouvain.be/eric.deleersnijder/

Juray De Wilde

Contact: juray.dewilde@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

  • Multi-scale reactor modelling and Design
  • Heterogeneous catalysis and Reaction kinetics
  • Process Intensification and Electrification
  • Structured reactors and Vortex chamber reactors
  • Steam Methane Reforming, Bi-Reforming, AutoThermal Reforming

Personal site: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/juray.dewilde

Issam Doghri

Contact: issam.doghri@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

  • Development of nonlinear constitutive models of solid materials both at the macroscopic scale and homogenisation-based
  • Studies of rigorous and efficient models and of algorithms for homogeneous and heterogeneous materials

Personal site: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/issam.doghri

Paul Fisette

Contact: paul.fisette@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

Personal site: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/paul.fisette


Hosni Idrissi

Contact: hosni.idrissi@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

  • Microscopic expertise
  • Studies of the mechanical and electrical macro properties
  • Analysis of macroscopic defects in materials

Personal site: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/hosni.idrissi

Pascal Jacques

Contact: pascal.jacques@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

  • Study of metallic materials (for transport, energy recovery, optimization of heating...)
  • Study of biomaterials
  • Analysis of metals (corrosion, resistance, 3D manufacturing method)

Personal site: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/pascal.jacques


Hervé Jeanmart

Contact: herve.jeanmart@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

  • Combustion chemistry (kinetics)
  • Biomass
  • Energy system and Storage
  • Combustion engines
  • Renewable potential (EROI)

Personal site: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/herve.jeanmart

Greet Kerckhofs

Contact: Greet.Kerckhofs@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

  • Biomechanical engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Material science (metals, porous materials)

Personal site: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/Greet.Kerckhofs

Pierre Latteur

Contact: pierre.latteur@uclouvain.be

Research topics:  Structural engineering

  • Timber engineering,
  • Tensegrity structures
  • Reciprocal structures
  • Agrivoltaic structures
  • Drone-based additive manufacturing of structures

Personal site: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/pierre.latteur

Vincent Legat

Contact: vincent.legat@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

  • Computational physics applied to materials engineering and fluid mechanics
  • Finite elements methods
  • Multi-scale modelling of land-sea continuum
  • Immersed granular flow

Personal site: https://perso.uclouvain.be/vincent.legat/

Patricia Luis Alconero

Contact: patricia.luis@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

  • Study of membrane technologies (separation of gases)
  • CO2 Capture Analysis
  • Study of water treatment
  • Study of the liquid-liquid separation process

Personal site: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/patricia.luis

Miltiadis Papalexandris

Contact: miltiadis.papalexandris@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

  • Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Multi-phase flows
  • Reacting flows and combustion
  • Non-equilibrium thermodynamics

Personal site: https://sites.google.com/site/mvpapalexandris/

Thomas Pardoen

Contact: thomas.pardoen@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

  • Mechanical behaviour of materials
  • Study of the thin layer
  • Polymers analysis

Personal site: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/thomas.pardoen

Joris Proost

Contact: joris.proost@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

  • Materials and processes for energy conversion and storage
  • (Photo-)electrochemical hydrogen production
  • Electronic materials and processing
  • Environmental electrochemistry, waste water treatment, porous electrodes, sonochemistry and cavitation
  • Functional metallic oxide films, cellular materials, selective oxidation
  • Surface reactivity of metals and metallic oxides in gaseous and aqueous environments
  • In-situ internal stress monitoring, on-line process diagnostics

Personal site: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/joris.proost

Hadrien Rattez

Contact: hadrien.rattez@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

  • Mechanical behavior of geomaterials
  • Developing constitutive laws
  • Experimental methods and advanced numerical models for the understanding and modeling of the effect of thermo-hydro-chemo-mechanical couplings and the triggering of instabilities in geomaterials

Personal site: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/hadrien.rattez

Benoît Raucent

Contact: benoit.raucent@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

  • Medical and Bio- Robotics

Personal site: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/benoit.raucent

Jean-François Remacle

Contact: jean-francois.remacle@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

  • Numerical methods (finite element methods, adaptive methods, stochastic methods)
  • Meshing algorithms

Personal site: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/jean-francois.remacle

Renaud Ronsse

Contact: renaud.ronsse@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

  • Lower-limb prostheses,
  • rehabilitation robotics,
  • human-robot interactions,
  • biomechanics of swimming and flying,
  • humanoid robotics, locomotion, motor control

Personal site: https://perso.uclouvain.be/renaud.ronsse/

Aude Simar

Contact: aude.simar@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

  • Mechanical behaviour of aluminium alloys (Ductility, toughness, fatigue)
  • Additive Manufacturing (Laser Powder Bed Fusion, Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing, Additive Friction Stir Deposition)
  • Dissimilar welding process (Friction Melt Bonding, Friction Stir Welding)

Personal site: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/aude.simar

Sandra Soares-Frazao

Contact: sandra.soares-frazao@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

  • Sediment transport study
  • Analysis of fluvial hydraulics (flood, ...)
  • Flow modelling (fast flood)

Personal site: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/sandra.soares-frazao

Grégoire Winckelmans

Contact: gregoire.winckelmans@uclouvain.be

Research topics:

  • Numerical methods in fluid mechanics (Lagrangian methods, vorticity-based)
  • Turbulence modelling
  • Fundamental fluid mechanics
  • Aircraft wakes

Personal site: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/gregoire.winckelmans