Doctoral School of Management (DSM)

LOURIM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

The Doctoral School of Management  and its graduates are recognized for their quality in international scientific rankings and on the academic and private jobmarkets. About 50% of the graduates from the Doctoral School of Management teach in different international universities in Europe, North and South America and Africa, the remainder occupies qualified positions in private and public organizations across the world.

  • The doctoral training contains a three-year programme (180 ECTS).
  • Admission to the programme is given to strong candidates with Master’s degrees in management (5 years equivalent or 300 ECTS), having received the support from a permanent faculty member in UCLouvain and Louvain School of Management to mentor their training. Thus, the programme already requires you to carefully reflect on the field of interest and your capacity to undertake research to get into the programme.
  • Each doctoral student has a senior faculty member as their personal supervisor to guide them in their research and is an active member of a research center within a research institute (LouRIM, LIDAMIACCHOS) at UCLouvain or member of the doctoral management school of UNamur.
  • The progress in the programme is guided by a supervisory panel along four mandatory steps: a definitive admission for a project, confirmation exam, a private doctoral defense and the public doctoral defense.
  • The doctoral programme is heavily subsidized and comes at a nominal tuition fee: full financing through teaching and research assistantships, scholarships and fellowships are open on competitive terms


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Doctoral Activities Coordinator